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NEW 2014 55 Watt Super  Can-BUS HID Kit. Longer lasting and brighter than ever before!!

When you need the best HID kit money can buy, you need the CAN-BUS HID Kit! This particular kit is a 55 watt, and outputs up to 350% more light than stock halogen bulbs. The bulbs and ballast are premium A/C, with a built in capacitor/warning canceler. This means No Flicker, No Dashboard Errors, and Premium Performance! By default this kit comes with a 24 month warranty, and that is being modest. For a small additional fee you can get the deluxe package, with 5 year warranty and an extra set of bulbs, and for a little more we will guarantee the kit for life and provide you with a backup set of bulbs and a backup ballast.


If you are unsure what bulb size you need, you can follow the link above, or you can give us a call: 941-952-3960. We are happy to help set you up with the right thing the first time.

Note: There are some cases where the CAN-BUS HID kit is required for your lights to work properly. Those vehicles are Mercedes Benz(1998+), Lexus(2002+), Dodge Ram(2005+), and most late model trucks (2010+) as well as most vehicles that cost more than $70,000.

If your looking for an even brighter HID kit, than you will need our 55 watt CAN-BUS HID kit. It is basically the same, except it outputs about 40% more light.


  • 13.5VError Canceler
  • 55 Watt Ballasts
  • 350% brighter than Halogen bulbs.
  • Built In Anti-Flicker Capacitor Works With Late Model Vehicles Solving Common Flickering Issues.
  • A/C Output (More Precise & Steady Light Output)
  • Works With Aftermarket HID Bulbs To Produce Up To 5500 LM.
  • Easy Installation (Plug & Play)
  • Weather Resistant & Shockproof.
  • Automatic Emergency Shut Off Mode To Prevent Damage To The Ballast & Vehicle.
  • 24 Month Warranty, Extendable To 5 Year or Lifetime

What's Included:

  • 2x 2014 55 Watt Can-BUS HID Ballast
  • 2x  Premium HID Xenon Bulbs
  • 1x Installation Instructions



Why Buy From Light-Pro's?

HID kits from Light-Pro's are built to exceed market standards in brightness, reliability, and longevity of use. Beware of cheap knock offs that look similar to our products, as they may burn out quickly and not offer a warranty. Light-Pro's product burns brighter and lasts much longer. Our HID kits tried and recomended by thousands of customers around the world. Light-Pro's friendly sales and Tech support team is only a call away and has over 10 years of lighting experience.


 HID kits come with a 1 year warranty on all kits. A lifetime warranty is offerd.

Disclaimer: We are a seller of HID products for use in off road vehicles, ski-mobiles, watercraft, home, business, signs, stage lighting, etc. Check your local state and federal regulations before you consider buying these for your automobile or truck.

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