LED Headlight Kits

LED Headlight Bulb Kits

HID kits aren't the only option to replace your dull halogen headlights.  We are the first company to offer replacement high power LED headlight bulbs, our LED Headlight Conversion kit work great for your headlights and fog lights.  Our new LED headlight conversion bulbs produce 1800-1900 lumens of light, compare that to around 900-1000 lumens for a typical Halogen bulb. We also carry 1200-1300 Lumen set for bit cheaper as well.  Not only do these new High Power LED headlight bulbs produce more light but they have a lifespan of up to 50000 hours compared to approximately 800 hours for halogen bulbs.  Our new LED bulbs only take 0.1 seconds to ignite to 100% brightness as well (HID Bulbs can take between 1-4 seconds to reach 100% brightness).  We carry many different LED headlight bulbs: H1,H3,H4, H7, H8, H9,H10, H11,H16, 9005, 9006,h13 Hi/Low,9004/7-hi/Low,H4-Hi/Low LED headlight bulbs.  These brand new LED headlamp bulbs replace your factory halogen bulbs and are a simple plug and play installation